List B Works

Under a new procedure introduced by the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 (“FJR 2015”) a PCC or other authorised person may apply to their Archdeacon for approval to carry out a range of works described in List B, in Table 2 of Schedule 1 to the FJR 2015.  Once that approval has been obtained, the works may be undertaken without the need for a faculty.

The Archdeacon is required to take advice on any request for approval from the DAC or such other persons as the Archdeacon may consider proper, but subject to this the approval can normally be granted quite quickly, which means that the PCC will be able to proceed with the works rather earlier than if a full faculty had been needed.

The list of works for which this procedure is available is set out in Schedule 1 FJR 2015. Each type of work may be carried out with the Archdeacon’s approval, but subject always to the conditions in List B, and if those conditions cannot be met, the PCC should apply to the Archdeacon or the Registrar for further directions.

In giving approval, the Archdeacon may impose some additional conditions.

An application form for Archdeacon’s approval is here:

List B Works Application Form

A form of approval for use by Archdeacons is here:

Archdeacon’s Approval of List B Works

The application may be made either in writing to the Archdeacon, or using the online faculty system – see Online Faculty Applications